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15 - Make-Up

February 11, 2019

Listen to Ben Zobrist, Tim Dillard, Ryan Schmalz, and Joshua Costello as they talk about a baseball player's MAKE-UP.  Now you might be thinking... what exactly is a player's make up?  Why would this be important?  Which characteristics stand out?  What does it mean to be hungry?  What do scouts see?  Intangibles?  Grit?  Pizza?  McGriddle?  Rocky IV?  Wrestling onesies?  

The SHOW and GO team has over 50 years of professional and collegiate baseball experience... so boom there you go!  And if you're reading this, please write us a review or give us 5 stars or both!  For some reason that is important to the podcast gods.  Last week I wanted to see if anyone actually reads this description, and the verdict is in... it's a no.  Nobody reads this.  And I work really hard to try and make these things interesting, and funny, and redundant, and interesting... but to what end?  I just don't know.  It's neither here nor there... it's podcast time!  CLICK. LISTEN. SHARE.