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17 - Parenting Ballplayers

March 17, 2019

Listen to Ben Zobrist, Tim Dillard, Ryan Schmalz, and Joshua Costello as they talk about Parenting Ballplayers.  Yep... we did it.  We went there.  And... we apologize in advance for this encouraging slash convicting SHOW and GO episode.

Wait?  Me?  What could I possibly be doing wrong as a baseball parent?  Am I living vicariously?  Do I have a healthy perspective?  How hard do I push my ballplayer?  Self-Bleacher-Awareness?  The Legend of Tim Buss?  Contra?  Gene Hackman?  Tommy Boy?  "Love ya dad."

The SHOW and GO team has over 50 years of professional and collegiate experience... so Shazam!  I actually have written these last few episode descriptions testing to see if anyone actually reads this, and now I know for sure... that literally nobody reads these things.  Which hurts my feelings a bit, but I do it anyway because it's fun!  And sometimes... you just have to bone up on your typing skills am I right?  In 8th grade computer class, I was an excellent typer!  Like Forrest Gump, it just came natural to me, but I'm not here to brag.  Wait where was I... ah yes, remember to write us a great review, follow us, interact with us, share us, yada yada yada, CLICK. LISTEN. REPEAT.