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September 3, 2018

Listen to Ben Zobrist, Tim Dillard, Ryan Schmalz, and Joshua Costello talk about GOALS.  Are goals important?  Is it healthy to have goals? What kind of goals should I make... or not make?  How many goals should I have?  Short goals?  Long term goals?  Can my goal be listening to every one of these incredible podcasts?  Univision?  What's an Amish beard?  So many questions... answered right here.


The SHOW and GO team has over 50 years of professional and collegiate experience... so take what they say as a grain of awesome salt!  The opinons expressed in this amazing podcast, are soley the views of the dudes saying it... but I'm sure other humans out there will agree on it.  Anyway, just go ahead and CLICK. LISTEN. SHARE.