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7 - Pregame Routine

November 5, 2018

Listen to Ben Zobrist, Tim Dillard, Ryan Schmalz, and Joshua Costello talk about PREGAME ROUTINE.  Why is a pregame routine important?  Are good habits good? What's wrong with chaos minutes before a game?  Should I just do what every one else does?  Anything wrong with energy drinks before a game?  Can a consistent pregame routine help me be consistent on the field?  Is ice cream sandwich considered a foreign substance?  What would the SHOW and GO team do if they could go back in time?

The SHOW and GO team has over 50 years of professional and collegiate experience... so take what we say as a grain of awesome salt!  The opinions expressed in this amazing podcast, are solely the views of the dudes saying it... but I'm sure other humans out there will agree on it.  Anyway, start the routine of, CLICK. LISTEN. REPEAT.