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9 - Fresh Start

January 2, 2019

Listen to Ben Zobrist, Tim Dillard, Ryan Schmalz, and Joshua Costello talk about FRESH STARTS!  Fresh?  Like lettuce?  Lettuce isn't exciting.  Is it healthy to hold on to the past of last season?  Why is a fresh start important?  Analogies?  Will my questions be answered in this podcast? What if I don't even have a question... should I still listen?  Analogies?  Perspective?  Opening Day?  Weddings?  Trades? Bill Murray?

The SHOW and GO team has over 50 years of professional and collegiate experience... so take what we say as a grain of awesome salt!  The opinions expressed in this amazing podcast, are solely the views of the dudes saying it.  Anyway, it's a New Year... so let's SHOW and GO together!  CLICK. LISTEN. REPEAT.